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Open to all organizations operating anywhere in the Aluminum production chain.

The global aluminum industry continued to see shifting trade flows this past year as a result of the 2018 implementation of US tariffs and sanctions that had far-reaching effects, while US-China trade relations continue to evolve. The global trade shifts have brought challenges, keeping the outlook uncertain. At the same time, demand has weakened unexpectedly in some sectors, while fluctuating raw material costs, hedging opportunities, volatile freight rates and other factors require constant managing. This award recognizes companies directly engaged in the production and processing of aluminum that have successfully navigated the difficulties, recognized opportunities and succeeded in setting themselves apart.

Judges will focus exclusively on performance and achievements since January 2019.

Judging Criteria

  • Financial results
  • Innovation
  • Product quality
  • Safety
  • Strategic vision

Nominations are now open.

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Why did they win?

Read the judging rationale in Insight magazine. Also included are articles from Platts thought leaders.