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Industry Leadership Award Base & Specialty Metals

Open to all companies active in base, minor and specialty metals, such as aluminum, copper, zinc, tin, nickel, lead, molybdenum, ferroalloys, light and battery metals (including silicon, lithium, cobalt, graphite and magnesium), stainless and tool steel.

Many of the base metals failed to break out of range-bound trade this past year, affected by an abundant scrap supply, rising freight rates, and a slowdown in China. Minor and specialty metals were also buffeted by shifting trade policies and demand. At the same time, predicting supply of all of the metals has been a challenge. This award recognizes companies that properly managed the volatility, competitive pressures and uncertain outlook. Award-worthy companies will have tailored output or investment toward growth areas, contained costs, kept up consumer interest and protected themselves against risk. Judges will identify companies that made the right decisions reacting to fundamentals, price potential, growth prospects and diversity in preparation for opportunities ahead.

Judges will focus exclusively on performance and achievements since January 2019.

Judging Criteria

  • Financial results
  • Innovation
  • Product quality
  • Safety
  • Strategic vision

Nominations are now closed.

For questions, contact us at:
or at +44 (0)20 7176 6111

Why did they win?

Read the judging rationale in Insight magazine. Also included are articles from Platts thought leaders.