Industry Leadership Award Steel

Open to all companies that produce finished carbon steel products.

Steel demand waned steadily during the year in Europe and the US and prices eroded. Tariffs and safeguards remained a part of the everyday challenges facing international steelmakers, already accustomed to price volatility, demand dips and economic uncertainty. New trade flows also emerged and developing regions sought to expand their domestic steel industries. At the same time, increased competition from alternative materials continued to pressure steelmakers to rely more on innovation.

The independent judging panel will identify steelmakers that have led the way in industry advances such as new steelmaking processes or improved labor relations. Companies that have forged alliances across competitive lines to improve technologies, distribution networks or other business aspects also will be considered. Judges will focus exclusively on performance and achievements since January 2019.

Judging Criteria

  • Financial results
  • Innovation
  • Product quality
  • Safety
  • Strategic vision

Nominations are now closed.

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Why did they win?

Read the judging rationale in Insight magazine. Also included are articles from Platts thought leaders.