Industry Leadership Awards

These categories are open to any company whose decisive actions have led substantial transformation or change in their core market of the metals industry. Leadership, market expansion, corporate integrity and financial success are the core characteristics these categories celebrate. The judges will recognize first movers – those who venture from the status-quo and are willing to take risks with the courage and conviction to make fundamental changes in the way they operate. Innovation and progressive thinking define these leading organizations.

The judges will be looking for companies that excel by consistently delivering strong returns to shareholders or owners, while improving environmental efficiencies, implementing technological advances and displaying a commitment to sustainable, forward- thinking solutions. Judges will also take into account the challenges of the political and business environments in which entrants are operating.

A company may nominate in multiple sectors, provided each nomination is specific to that category and genuinely distinct from one another.

For all Industry Leadership Awards, judges will focus exclusively on performance and achievements since January 2017. There will be five awards presented, one for each industry below.

Nonferrous Metals (Aluminum and Base and Specialty Metals)

Precious Metals

Raw Materials & Mining

Scrap & Recycling


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