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Why Nominate?

The Global Metals Awards modeled after the highly respected Platts Global Energy Awards, now in its 18th year, has unmatched power and prestige. Being recognized as a finalist or winner brings unparalleled recognition for the teams and individuals behind these outstanding achievements.

Gain global recognition
Finalists - and especially winners - benefit from extensive media coverage, wide exposure in the investment community, and enhanced peer recognition. The Platts Global Metals Awards will be covered extensively in industry publications. A Platts Global Metals Award offers countless publicity opportunities in international and trade media as well as internal marketing and communications.

Recognize employee achievements
Entry into the Platts Global Metals Awards is a high profile, cost-effective way to recognize your valued employees for their accomplishments. There's simply no better way to show them that you think their work is award-winning.

Outshine your peers
With hundreds of entries from across the globe, the level of competition is high. The Platts Global Metals Awards provide you with an opportunity to truly outshine your peers in front of the entire industry.

Find out more on how to submit a nomination.

Why did they win?

Read the judging rationale in Insight magazine. Also included are articles from Platts thought leaders.